Test Version

To install Jalview Test see the Download Jalview Test page.

Jalview Test is a separate desktop application made to try out and test a forthcoming release of Jalview.

It updates from the Jalview Test channel (see more information about Channels) instead of the Release channel.

The Test channel is built from the forthcoming release branch (not the Release channel which only has particular commits from the release branch) that allows users to easily test the version of Jalview before it is released. You might think of Jalview Test as being the latest release candidate for the next stable release of Jalview.

As with Jalview and Jalview Develop, Jalview Test will automatically keep itself up to date with the latest version found in the Test channel.

Since Jalview Test is made to allow users to perform final checks on the version that is about to be released, we strongly encourage you to leave feedback if you find a problem so that we can fix these before the next official release of Jalview. Please sign up to the Jalview Discussion Forum and post your comments in the Jalview Discussion category.

Jalview Test can be installed using an installer or by downloading the Executable JAR file from the Download Jalview Test page. Note that the installers are also part of the Test channel and may have new features that require feedback.