Development Version

To install Jalview Develop see the Download Jalview Develop page.

Jalview Develop is a separate desktop application showcasing many of the new features being worked on for the next major release of Jalview.

It updates from the Jalview Develop channel (see more information about Channels) instead of the Release channel.

The Develop channel is built from the develop branch of Jalview so that users can easily get access to the new features and functions being worked on for the next major release of Jalview. Jalview Develop installs and auto-updates in the same way as the normal stable release version of Jalview and should remain a stable application, and comes with a bundled Java 11 runtime for your OS (if you use a non-linux unix installer, or the executable jar file, you will need a Java 11 runtime separately installed). However some of the new features might not have been as thoroughly tested and certainly not as well tested in the real world.

If you find a problem, or think that the way a new feature is presented could be improved for a real-world use case (that means your use case!), we would love to hear from you so that we can improve Jalview for all users. You can contact us via the Jalview Discussion Forum or better still you can register on the Jalview Issue Tracker and create a new issue!

Jalview Develop can be installed using an installer or by downloading the Executable JAR file from the Download Jalview Develop page. Note that the installers are also part of the develop branch and may have new features included.

JalviewJS Builds

JalviewJS development happens in parallel to Jalview development, but is being unified in time for the Jalview 2.12 release.

The latest development build of JalviewJS can be tried at and downloaded from