Length: 2 days
Location: Dundee

Jalview Online PhD /MScInduction Jalview Workshop 2020

Eligibility: Open to University of Dundee School of Life Sciences’ students starting their PhD or Master courses.

Day 1: Jalview PhD/MSc Induction programme

Thursday 15th October Session: The session will consist of hands-on exercises interspersed by short talks and Q&As. The aim is to introduce Jalview’s features and functions. In the practical session you will learn how to load, save and export data, open the split screen viewer, and run the different analysis tools such as, sequence alignment, trees generation, principal component analysis, and viewing 3D structure.

Day 2: Jalview PhD/MSc Induction programme

Friday 16th October Session: The aim of this session is to gain experience using Jalview to visualise and analyse biological sequence data such as functional site analysis, secondary structure prediction and working with genes, transcripts and proteins alongside variant data. This will consists of working through various practical problems in a team-based learning setting.

Date: 15-10-2020 to 16-10-2020

Course: SLS PhD/MSc University of Dundee Induction Course

Location Dundee

Duration: 2 days

Posted date: 2020-10-02