Download a Jalview Desktop app installer for your platform

The recommended way to run Jalview is via the Jalview Desktop App. This is a native application that provides all the necessary components to run Jalview on your platform. When launched, the app will automatically download the latest released version of Jalview.

We don’t release Jalview Desktop Apps as frequently as Jalview. However, if your existing installation is older, then we do recommend you download and install the latest App. If in doubt, please take a look at the release notes for the latest installer release.

The latest installer version of Jalview is released on (view release notes).
When Jalview is launched it will update to released on (view release notes).
 Type InstallerInstallation notes
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SHA256: 4faa926bc6d925bf6332eae2fc59c29d4eec61cb502509735b57a4adb5f0d5fd
SHA256: c67afbdc207db642f96454449e8594bb80aef4e0996faa2e7ddacd891638955c
SHA256: 094d2d06531aa7b4fa407d066cb36d8163c0150265e10c809e7b09de41941d1b
SHA256: b1a17666cdb98cc3a9154841437c8de1c52acdede242c493eaa5d0273ad9c320
SHA256: 92ba6cc9483a11d937593933367103c91631da02a6baa14a794082308e9f545c
SHA256: c7a43d6c30e21f666c4b343d33ad8da1e476cb60cd22e9a73ac564b88cf1d0f9
SHA256: e89d37493fcf719828165fa27a33cb374ad4e1489c551aa191e1d942a5a835fa

If you want to test features scheduled for the next release of Jalview, please install the Jalview Test app.

If you are interested in trying out features currently in development, please install the Jalview Develop app.

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Thanks to ej-technologies for granting a free install4j license to the Jalview Open Source Project. Jalview's desktop installers were built with the install4j multi-platform installer builder and Gradle.