Download a Jalview Desktop app installer for your platform

The recommended way to run Jalview is via the Jalview Desktop App. This is a native application that provides all the necessary components to run Jalview on your platform. When launched, the app will automatically download the latest released version of Jalview.

We don’t release Jalview Desktop Apps as frequently as Jalview. However, if your existing installation is older, then we do recommend you download and install the latest App. If in doubt, please take a look at the release notes for the latest installer release.

The latest installer version of Jalview is released on (view release notes).
 Type InstallerInstallation notes
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SHA256: a9c6bd5885cceb99e8d56a38b8038c62f6b89c9c03181cb0c181ed96dc47cdc3
SHA256: 63c3b141ca5b60b5d05a4cb68c17310b4b46144fee4a574f29f4bdac90d777e5
SHA256: 93fffe9a93c2e8d5ae75bc538c8a29c25adcd55b873154194df9174636991899
SHA256: 39b70262f6e245b6aa65b7afe0e16846b55e0a239e93c05ffb3b3a61003bfdd8
SHA256: 740e1a5ea9fbf0e015382ec3d9f1cd34d187714cf643b726cfe15f7514abdddf
SHA256: b0b202a4b8898ec4615dcc7f2ef6d0103d920f924510e7798a8aec1c37590589
SHA256: d6e9a1ed823a04af4ce1f41079d595fc6f39c5129b7620e985b22bff90c6ca4d

If you want to test features scheduled for the next release of Jalview, please install the Jalview Test app.

If you are interested in trying out features currently in development, please install the Jalview Develop app.

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Thanks to ej-technologies for granting a free install4j license to the Jalview Open Source Project. Jalview's desktop installers were built with the install4j multi-platform installer builder and Gradle.