Length: 1.5 days
Location: Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, Kings Buildings, University of Edinburgh, UK

A one and a half day course for staff and students of Edinburgh university, hosted by the Edinburgh Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology.

The program for this course is as follows:

Wed 27th June

9-12: Session 1. Introduction to Jalview.

  • starting the application
  • importing alignments
  • basic editing and creating figures.

Recommended for anyone not familiar with working with sequences and sequence alignments, or has never edited or published alignments with Jalview

12-1pm Lunch

1-2pm. Geoff Barton - ‘Alignment Visualization and Analysis with Jalview’

Geoff will give a lecture on sequence alignment and analysis, and give some background on why Jalview was developed. Depending on time, I may also speak at the end of his lecture about Jalview’s current capabilities and future development.

2.15pm-5pm - Session 2. Alignment and alignment analysis.

  • creating sequence alignments
  • importing and calculating trees
  • tree based alignment analysis
  • viewing sequence annotation
  • secondary structure prediction
  • viewing structures.

Recommended for anyone wanting to use Jalview to access multiple alignment and alignment analysis software or for function analysis

Thu 28th June

9-12: Session 3. Advanced topics.

  • cover a selection of material - depending on interest
  • more working with structures and Jalview
  • Installing your own Jabaws server
  • Deploying JalviewLite on a web page
  • Jalview alignment annotation files
  • Jalview and nucleic acid sequences
  • Jalview clinic - practice what you’ve learnt on your own data.

Recommended for advanced users, bioinformaticians wanting to get more out of Jalview, and people who have attended the previous day and want to use Jalview with their own data

Date: 27-06-2012 to 28-06-2012

Course: Practical and Advanced Jalview Course

Location Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, Kings Buildings, University of Edinburgh, UK

Duration: 1.5 days

Posted date: 2013-05-03