Length: 1 day
Location: Dalhousie 1G04 IT Suite 2, Dundee

Dundee Drug Discovery Unit Jalview Workshop

Date: 14th (14:00-17:00) & 30th (10:00-12:00) June 2022

Place: Dalhousie 1G04 IT Suite 2, University of Dundee

Eligibility: Open to members of the Dundee Discovery Unit’s Molecular Interaction team.

Instructor: James Procter (Jalview Coordinator, Division of Computational Biology)

Session 1: Jalview Training Session 2: Jalview Future Discussion

Date: 2022-06-14 & 2022-06-30

Course: Jalview/DDU Workshop

Location Dundee

Duration: 1 day

Posted date: 2022-08-04