Jalview 2.2

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New Features

  • Multiple views on alignment
  • Sequence feature editing
  • “Reload” alignment
  • “Save” to current filename
  • Background dependent text colour
  • Right align sequence ids
  • User-defined lower case residue colours
  • Format Menu
  • Select Menu
  • Menu item accelerator keys
  • Control-V pastes to current alignment
  • Cancel button for DAS Feature Fetching
  • PCA and PDB Viewers zoom via mouse roller
  • User-defined sub-tree colours and sub-tree selection
  • ‘New Window’ button on the ‘Output to Text box’

Issues Resolved

  • New memory efficient Undo/Redo System
  • Optimised symbol lookups and conservation/consensus calculations
  • Region Conservation/Consensus recalculated after edits
  • Fixed Remove Empty Columns Bug (empty columns at end of alignment)
  • Slowed DAS Feature Fetching for increased robustness.
  • Made angle brackets in ASCII feature descriptions display correctly
  • Re-instated Zoom function for PCA
  • Sequence descriptions conserved in web service analysis results
  • UniProt ID discoverer uses any word separated by ∣
  • WsDbFetch query/result association resolved
  • Tree leaf to sequence mapping improved
  • Smooth fonts switch moved to FontChooser dialog box.