The videos on this page introduce Jalview and help you start using it on your own computer. Some key playlists are in our library of training videos and there are more short videos on the Jalview YouTube channel.

Video 1: What is Jalview?

Installing and Launching Jalview

Jalview can be installed on most platforms. Please see the pages for installing Jalview on Windows, Mac, Linux, unix and other platforms for videos and detailed information.

In most cases, you should not need to be an Administrator on your computer to do this. If you have a problem see our help page.

Video 2: Navigating Jalview

This video explains how to navigate the Jalview interface.

Video 3: Loading sequences and alignments in Jalview

This video explains the different ways to load sequences and sequence alignments into Jalview.

Video 4: Saving sequence alignments and projects in Jalview

The video explains the different ways to save sequences and alignments in Jalview.

More videos

See the Jalview Online Training YouTube channel.