Download Jalview Develop

Jalview Develop — a cutting-edge version of Jalview showcasing many of the new features being worked on for forthcoming releases of Jalview — can be installed using the installers below. Jalview Develop runs as a separate application along side Jalview (although it initially inherits settings from your Jalview settings). You can learn more about Jalview Develop on the Development Version page.

This is the recommended way to install Jalview Develop. You can find installation instructions in the notes for your platform or different ways of running Jalview Develop in the menu links.

 Type Installer Installation notes
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SHA256: f6cb9aa511f30845fcab183360c6d7295089fd9770758eb3ab838a87d535b397
SHA256: c28e5f933464e31b130ebdbcd538c5f848e2a49b63f8ae2d302d322b84a16878
SHA256: 498529dac22bb6ed4407c35135dbe8af40e77d8cf1510c0f6bd017eed1d4d8de
SHA256: 0cf53e4fd513ef540ed311d69af8bcd4eebb5ca86b7b8c3734cf9647528c8634
SHA256: 0096257c4d6e17592cb944bcddd8c981a7e0329152ab29e3505ecf7f86f0f6f6

Other ways to install/launch Jalview Develop

You can install Jalview in a number of ways other than the main desktop installer. You may find one of the methods below suits your needs better.

 Jalview Launch file (.jvl) for the Develop channel Using the JVL file
 Jalview 2_11_2_0-d20201215 Executable JAR (.jar) Using the JAR file
 Jalview 2_11_2_0-d20201215 Source archive (.tar.gz) Source Code

If you install and use Jalview Develop, we would love to hear any feedback you have — good or bad! — so that we can fix any problems or improve useability of forthcoming features in the release version of Jalview. Please sign up to the Jalview Discussion Forum and post your comments in the Jalview Discussion category.

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Thanks to ej-technologies for granting a free install4j license to the Jalview Open Source Project. Jalview's desktop installers were built with the install4j multi-platform installer builder and Gradle.